Holiday Gift Box | 12

Holiday Gift Box | 12

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  • Mediterranean Peshtemal Cotton Throw, Blanket & Beach Towel Size: 38'' x 70''(Medium Thin No Terry) 100% Cotton, You can use as bath towel, beach towel, pool towel, throw, picnic blanket, yoga mat, gym towel and sarong, Our pesthemal towel is highly absorbent and incredibly fast drying.
    Made in Turkey
  • 7.5 oz Wooden Wick Candle - Spiced Cider, Fragrance Notes: Cinnamon, Apple, Clove & Cardamom, Crackling Wooden Wick, Soy Blend Wax. Hand-poured in small batches by women survivors
  • Massage Bar Soap | 4 oz. - Ombeni, a refugee from the Congo was resettled to Houston in 2019 with her husband and four young children. She exudes joy, gratitude, and Jesus as she softly sings while making soap in her tiny apartment kitchen. She has a heartbreaking story of escaping war and spending much of her life in a refugee camp, where her parents still live. But when Ombeni shares her story, she shines Jesus, and she gives Him glory for her rescue. Her dream is to be reunited with her family one day. Ombeni mixed and poured each bar of our 100% natural handmade massage soap bars. DETAILS 1 ~4 oz. Handmade Soap Bar Olive + Coconut Oils, Goat's Milk, Lemon + Lavender Essential Oils Made by a Congolese Refugee in the USA
  • Natural Fiber Sisal Soap Sack - Exfoliate naturally and cleanse with your favorite soap. Simply place one soap bar in the natural sisal sack. Hang it up to dry on a shower hook to help extend the life of your soap. Sisal is a natural fiber that comes from a sisal plant. It is softer than a loofah, allowing for mild exfoliation and massaging of the skin. A portion of every proceeds is donated to the Loving Soap Project
  • Natural Fiber Ramie Shower Pouf - It's time to throw out your plastic shower poof and go all-natural, with our ramie-fiber shower poof. Ramie is a plant that grows in Asia and is harvested for its soft, natural fibers (like cotton). Though it looks much like a synthetic shower poof, the ramie poof is completely natural and easy on the skin.

  • Survivor Made Ornament

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