Spring Basket | 4
Spring Basket | 4
Spring Basket | 4
Spring Basket | 4
Spring Basket | 4
Spring Basket | 4

Spring Basket | 4

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1. Oval Kaisa Grass Basket This simple and versatile basket is made with Kaisa is sturdy wild grass that dries from its natural light green to a pale almost tan color. Artisans cut kaisa grass from riverbanks during monsoon season, leaving the roots for next year's crop.  The baskets are crafted by women in Bangladesh. 

  • Measures  3"h x 12"w x 9"d
  • Made in India

2. 18oz Gls Tmblr-Live In Joy- This eco-friendly glass tumbler is a great on-the-go tumbler that will make you and your friends smile. A Percentage of proceeds help drill wells in Uganda.

  • Material: Borosilicate Glass, Silicone, Bamboo, PP
  • Size: 18 oz, 7" H, Straw 9" L

    3. Knotted Stud Pack Earrings Terra•Cotta goods are made from linen, clay, and metal and create a natural & earthy vibe that never goes out of style. These goods are handmade on the Central Coast of California and are inspired by the natural surroundings.

    5. Bath Bomb | HibiscusFresh from the garden, this hibiscus bath bomb will bring ethereal fragrances to your bathtub. Relax and unwind with the refreshing scent of hibiscus.
    • .Made in Sioux Falls, SD by Survivors of Human Trafficking.
    • Made in United States of America