Summer Collection |  Box 1
Summer Collection |  Box 1

Summer Collection | Box 1

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Summer Collection: Beach Essentials

Featured Products:

  • Valencia Orange Venti Chiffon Scrunchie Oversized chiffon scrunchies; You'll crave these cool, bold additions to our scrunchie lineup; 7" diameter
  • Beach PouchSet of 2. These flat zips are practically weightless and effortlessly coordinate with our cotton canvas totes. Large: 8"H x 11"W. Small: 7"H x 9"W. Interior Print: Aqua Pin Dot. Made from recycled plastic
  • Dry Shampoo - An all-natural powder-based dry shampoo that soaks up oil, refreshes styles, and adds light volume to any hair type. With the uplifting scent of coconut, grapefruit and mint, you will fall in love! Green Tea and Bamboo soothe, condition, and promote a healthy scalp.